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How can a doula support me?


It is crucial to me to ensure that moms and families are well informed and aware of all of the up-to-date information in order to make the decisions that best suit you and your baby! I am available 24/7 at your leisure to answer any questions or concerns you may have, or if you just need to talk to someone! My resource is always on call, whether that is, "Do you think that these may be contractions?" or "What is something that I can take to help with heartburn?"


Although birth isn't easy, your body was meant to do this! Having someone alongside you to reassure you of this can help you feel more confident and relaxed, despite the bumpy road of labor. Sometimes all it takes is a tiny voice to remind you that you've got this, and to just breathe. Whatever emotion you are feeling during labor, birth, or postpartum, i am here to support and care for you in the way that best suits your needs! I'm in for the ride my friend!


During labor and birth, things are always shifting. Things that you like one minute you may not like the next minute. That is why I come equipped with tons of different methods, massage, and pressure point techniques to alleviate labor pains and to help you relax and put your mind and body at ease during labor and birth. I help to guide you and assist you in what feels best to your body as well as getting your partner involved in the process too! If you are a touchy-feely type of person, or not, physical support comes in handy almost always!

My complete care package includes

Prenatal care

2 In-home prenatal sessions

In these visits we will explore the physiology of labor, some exercises to assist you in preparation for labor, and discuss various techniques, tools, and comfort measures to keep you comfortable and at ease during labor.

Labor and birth support

In-home / In-hospital / in-birth center care

I will join you wherever you're at to support you emotionally, and physically through your labor and birth experience up until 2-3 hours after delivery, only leaving when you are comfortable and resting.

24/7 human resources

I will be available at your leisure for any questions, or concerns that you may have during your pregnancy, birth, or postpartum.  Starting at 36 weeks' gestation up until 6-7 weeks postpartum. I strive to make your birth the most informed, comfortable, and memorable experience possible!

Postpartum care

1 in-home follow-up session

Within the next 48 hours after birth we will reflect on your birth story and the care provided. I will also share resources and provide holistic healing methods to support your recovery during this time.

 Initial Breastfeeding support

If you choose, I can also provide initial support with skin-to-skin for parents and baby as well and explain some of the latching and feeding cues for baby.

Variable fees for the complete Doula care package: $865 (Including childbirth education)

Variable fees for Maternity Photography:

 (1-hour shoot): $178

(2-hour shoot) $265

(3-hour shoot) $380

(4-hour shoot) $495

While there are various aspects of birth that we are unable to control, having a doula on your team can help you with the choices and aspects that you are able to control. 

I'd love to speak with you! Let's get in touch to find out how I can best support you and your family!

General Inquiries:

Phone: 864-340-0690